I really needed a chuckle this afternoon and found some comic relief in a small text exchange between a couple of friends.

One of our friends has been home sick with the flu and apparently had a little down time on her hands, so naturally that led to some scrolling through local Facebook yard sale pages.

You really never know what you’ll find on those pages. Usually you can find a nice mix of slightly cracked and outdated iPhones, miscellaneous furniture and used appliances, the occasional vehicle, and sometimes surplus items that a coupon hoarder over-purchased and simply wants to share the wealth.

Well today, my friend found an amazing gift idea.

The perfect Easter basket for someone’s wife or girlfriend.

I imagine the author of this listing had a pretty large epiphany moment that led up to this post. Perhaps it went something like this:

“Hmm. I’ve always wanted to have something to sell in this online yard sale group. I bet if I packaged some similar items together I could make more money AND get rid of extra stuff from around the house.”

“COOL! Easter is coming up!”

He yells across the house, “Hey honey, have you worn those Crocs or women’s briefs that I bought you for Christmas?”

“No dear, they were hideous! Take them back!!” she replies.

He grins, thoughtfully, “Ok. I’ll take care of them and get you something nice. Like a vacuum cleaner.”

He grabs the items along with two packs of Always Ultra Thin pads from his recent couponing trip to CVS.

He arranges the gift basket beautifully and snaps a few pictures.

Then he posts this gem:

Thus begins the comedic relief that we were all needing this afternoon. 




Let this lesson be learned: If you’re going to post a gift basket for someone to buy for their wife or girlfriend, you might want to add some chocolate or wine.

Or maybe skip the basket altogether and buy her a vacuum cleaner.

I bet there’s even one already for sale in the online yard sale…



Anything to add?


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