She SleepsThere is no moment more peaceful than a quiet one spent watching your child sleep. Eyelashes laying softly on their cheeks, complete tranquility radiating from their sweet face.

As a first-time mother with a very restless baby girl I lived for those moments. I took the advice of many before me and tried to rest when she did but it was often more relaxing for me to watch her finally give in to sleep. She fought so hard to remain awake. I think even as an infant she was worried that she might miss something.

A few days ago I was getting ready for work and I glanced over into my not-so-little daughter’s room where she was sleeping. Somehow during the night she had turned completely around in her bed (we often joke that she sleeps like a helicopter). Her quilt was laying in a heap at the foot of the bed and her floor was littered with an assortment of books, stuffed animals, and stray loom bands.  She was completely tangled up in the sheets and her curly red hair framed her face.

She was in a deep, peaceful rest.

I lingered for a moment in the doorway and simply marveled at her beauty and pondered just how much she has changed. Her room is currently a hodge-podge of little girl and tween. How did nine years zoom by so fast?

As I got caught up in the moment of reminiscing, she woke up. She blinked sleepily at me and smiled her sweet, warm smile.

“Hey Mama. Let me give you a hug before you go to work. You look pretty. I hope you have a good day.”  

I love it when we start the day like this. 

Each night we still wage war over bedtime. Instead of singing “You Are My Sunshine” over and over, we have epic battles of wit.

Can’t I read just a little bit longer? 

Mommy, I want to have a little girl chat with you. 

When can I start staying up later? 

Don’t forget to tell me goodbye in the morning. I get sad when you leave for work and I don’t get to see you.

She is still afraid she’ll miss something. She has so many questions and so much to say.

I’ll still watch her sleep any chance that I can. I’m afraid if I don’t I’ll be the one missing out.

Let her sleep.

For when she wakes,

She will move mountains.

Napoléon Bonaparte




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