Potholes.  I am sick of potholes.

The snow is nearly gone (FINALLY) and as we have experienced our Spring thaw here in Maine we are left with frost heaves, gravel, dust, and potholes everywhere.

What does that have to do with the title of this blog post?  Symbolism. Please hang with me here…

As winter has finally eased away, the thaw has exposed all that was covered up beneath the snowpiles: cracks, potholes, leaves that weren’t raked last fall, and things that were neglected before our seemingly eternal Winter.

A similar process has been happening in my life.  Winter left a dark cover over me and I didn’t realize it was so heavy and burdensome until the sun peeked through and I was finally able to dig in the dirt again and see life coming through the once lifeless ground.  Even though Spring has only come in short spurts it has revealed to me what I’ve been missing and what I’ve neglected.

Which leads me to the word nourish. 

Throughout the month of May I will be participating with tons of other bloggers in a project called NaBloPoMo.  What in the world is NaBloPoMo you ask?  Well in short the goal is for participants to write a post a day for an entire month around a centralized theme.  This month’s theme couldn’t be more appropriate: Nourish.



I’ll be writing about what Nourish means as it relates to food, body, soul, and family… and anything else that may come up during the month.  I hope you will follow along in this journey.  I can’t wait!

I’d love to know… what does nourish mean to you?  Let’s do this together!  Join me over on the Graceful Mess Facebook page for a chat each week.  I’ll also be pinning recipes and ideas on the Graceful Mess Pinterest board – you can join me there, too (and follow me if you don’t already)!

For more iNaBloPoMo May 2014nformation on NaBloPoMo, click the badge →.  From there you can follow along with me and the other bloggers participating this month.  You’ll probably find some great recipes, too!

Anything to add?


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