Fast forward to the way you feel just after that big holiday meal.  You have consumed a couple of helpings of your favorite dishes and maybe even a slice of pie.  You are full.  You wore your stretchy pants and dread getting onto the scales after consuming so many rich foods.

You could do like me and figure out a way to trick the scales into thinking you really didn’t overindulge that much.  This is my pre-Thanksgiving tip for those of you with lots of hair:  rock a new “do” for the holidays.

NOTE:  I have so much to be thankful for.  I am not trying to make a joke of all that Thanksgiving means to me and our family.  But sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.  And I have been chuckling at myself since last night.  

The back story is that I have very thick hair and up until last night it was a little past my shoulders and overdue for cut and color.   I never book my hair appointments in advance because I’ve always just lived with it until I just can’t live with it anymore.

And yesterday, I just couldn’t live with it anymore.

So here you go – my step-by-step guide on how to lose a few pounds before the big feast:

  1. A few weeks leading up to the week of Thanksgiving, begin to notice the grey hairs that are multiplying on your head because you have been too busy to book an appointment with your hair stylist.
  2. Make a note to set up a hair appointment.
  3. Wait a couple of weeks.
  4. Finally try to set up an appointment with your friend and hairdresser THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING.
  5. Don’t be shocked when she says that she is pretty booked up.  Be resigned to the fact that the grays will have to wait a couple of weeks.  Hope that nobody else notices.  
  6. Later that day, try to hold back the tears when your sweet daughter asks why your hair is “glimmery – just like tinsel” and simply tell her thank you.
  7. Text hair stylist one last time.  Yep.  She’s pretty booked.
  8. Have a moment of vanity and remember your friend who just had her hair cut into a cute style by a different stylist in town.  Your beauty can’t wait.  You have to do this.  Today is the day.
  9. Hold back the guilty feelings and contact the other stylist.  It isn’t cheating on your friend/hair stylist.  It’s only just this one time.  It won’t happen again.
  10. Book the hair appointment with the other stylist.
  11. Check out Pinterest for new styles.  ‘Tis the season for a fresh look, right?!
  12. Show stylist who has never seen or cut your hair a photo of the new cut that you would like.
  13. SNIP.
  14. UM. No backing up now.  Inches of hair are flying off of your head.  She is so thorough and is really taking her time to give you a fantastic cut.
  15. Look on the floor at your discarded tresses.  Feel the breeze on your neck.
  16. Forget the shoulder length long bob that you went in there for.  You are now rocking a wedge bob and your headache is gone.
  17. Rock the style that you never knew you could pull off.  Because baby, you are much lighter than you were when you came in.
Before & After Pics:  Weight Loss Hairstyle

Before & After Pics: Weight Loss Hairstyle

This is totally what happened to me.  I did end up with a really cute cut, one that I wasn’t really expecting, and I’ll make it work for me.  I’m not really that vain.  The important thing is that my hair doesn’t look like “tinsel”, and it grows pretty fast.

And I definitely feel a few pounds lighter.

Even if it is all in my head.



Anything to add?


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