Usually it is nice to be “first” at something. There is something unique and fresh about it. Moving to Maine I quickly realized that we were so far east that we are the first to see the sunrise in the U.S. What a beautiful sunrise it is each day! Our house is built so that the sun rises on one side and sets on the other. We have full daylight for the entire day. In the morning the light comes streaming through our bedroom window at about 5:30am. During the summer months the sun rises as early as 3:30am. Wow! This Georgia girl is used to seeing the sun around 7 or so… and having a 3 year old that stays in the bed at least that long. We have been awakened by our adorable little redhead at least twice a week with the sweetest voice saying, “Mommie, Daddy – look at the beautiful sunrise! My room is pink and orange – isn’t it so beautiful??!!” Poor Hubby – this usually happens on his day off. Such was the story this morning. I’ve already decided that I just need to embrace the sunrise no matter how early it is. As a mother (especially now that I stay at home with our children) my days of leisurely sleeping in and cuddling with my husband are clearly over. Our 9 week old son is going to wake up regardless – he is ruled by his tummy and not daylight. I never was really a morning person but I am starting to enjoy the early hours before everyone is awake. I find myself with a little more “me” time – even though I do typically have Little Man with me. I can do my pilates or just sit and sip coffee. I can pray and listen for that “still small voice” that comforts me. I can make my grocery list. I can blog. I can think without juggling several activities at once. I can watch something other than Nick Jr. on TV.
I guess becoming a morning person was inevitable for me… I come from a long line of women that are. Now I understand why! By the time everyone else in the house wakes up, my mind is clearer and I can handle the noise and activity that comes with the day. I can think about what to fix for breakfast before the time gets away from me. I can have a few moments with my baby son without the mild jealousy of his big sister. I can just be. As I write this post the house is still quiet. Hubby was able to coax CurlyQ back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. He is sleeping in. Little Man is in the swing snoring. The only sound I hear is the gentle rocking of his swing and the dryer in the room next to me. Steady, soft quiet. For now…

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