Ramblings from this week…

I have a few posts that I stop and start and never publish… so I thought I would get a few of those random thoughts out there.  They are incomplete and somewhat ridiculous, much like myself…

What is a southern girl like you doing in northern Maine???

I am asked that on a seemingly daily basis. Usually when someone hears me talk.  Just come to the grocery store if you don’t believe me…

I am generally polite and mutter something about coming up here for my husband’s job.  And then they automatically know what my husband does, because apparently nobody else ever moves up here for any other reason than that of what my husband does.

What I really want to say is, “Yes, I’m glad you like my accent… but like my husband says, I’m not the one with that talks funny…”   (Actually most people where we live in Maine don’t have the thick northern accent our coastal Maine friends have… so I guess my slow southern drawl really does stand out.)

Oh, and apparently there’s an issue of whether or not a southerner can handle living up here because of how harsh the winters can be.   After the accent remarks, the next question is usually this: “Have you been here through the winter yet?”

Well, we are making it pretty well.  It hasn’t been that bad yet.  We have a warm house and do what true Mainers do… we make the best of our time here and do what we have to do to get by.  We have good friends and are doing what we can to be involved in the church and our community.  We stay busy… And we do pretty well for southern folks “from away*“.

*If you aren’t from Maine, they say you are “from away”… so I am not worried about offending anyone with my accent comments.  After all, I’m just “from away,” right?  

Am I glad we made the move north?

That is another blog for another day.

Marriage and Children.

I love my sweet children. They bring the majority of our chaos and make the best messes. They are so beautifully different from each other and so delightfully perfect.  Perfect for us.

My husband says that our children are beautiful because our love for each other is beautiful.  I can’t argue with him there.  And yes, my husband really is that sweet.

In their wake, our children leave toys strewn across every room of our house. They leave clothes wherever they are taken off. They leave crayons and books and paper and whatever they are playing with wherever it ends up when they are finished.  They splash water out of the tub and leave nasty blue globs of toothpaste in the sink.

Oh what sweet little mess-makers they are!!


CurlyQ- with straight hair!

Our daughter likes to experiment with various beauty products when we aren’t around and our son can get into anything he can reach.

I really think my son believes deep down in his heart that he can fly.  And our daughter really does know everything. Already.

Little Man!

CurlyQ and Little Man play wonderfully with each other and drive each other crazy at the same time. This is the chaos that makes me smile each day.

Because I know that one day, and maybe even now, they are each other’s best friend.



Anything to add?


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