The Challenge

This is probably one of the toughest “customers” I’ve ever had.  Burning Tree Sauces is a new BBQ sauce line started by my brother, Greg Adams. He started making a variety of sauces as gifts for friends and family and once a local restaurant picked up on his unique flavor and added it to their menu, he decided to go all in and open up for business. Greg had a clear vision on what he wanted his logo and labels to look like and we worked at it until he was happy.

The Solution

Greg and I went back and forth with a variety of logo designs.  Once he was happy with the logo, I designed his labels and business card, built a website for him, and got him started with a Facebook Page and Twitter account. He’s still learning the ropes in social media but he has a loyal following and his sauces are in high demand. It was so much fun working with my brother… and scoring lots of free sauce!

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