The Challenge

Adams-Briscoe Seed Company is a third generation feed and seed business located in Jackson, Georgia. It happens to be owned by my sweet father, Jimmy Adams. I grew up with this business in my blood and even worked there when I was in high school.  In the late ’90s I gave my Dad his own website for Christmas and he had a local designer put his site together. That talent has since moved on and I wanted to give the business a new website and something that could easily be managed by my father.

The Solution

I freshened up and modernized the look of the Adams-Briscoe Seed Company website and simplified the nagivation. The main purpose for site visitors is to view the company’s price list, so I made that accessible throughout the site. I also brought in social elements and made the Facebook Page information visible on the site as well.  The site reflects the history of the business and gives my Dad the opportunity to manage his web presence right from his office.

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