Our Messy Renovation

A journey towards bringing a family home place back to life.


Our Renovation Project - Before

The Short-ish Version…

A little over 11 years ago my husband and I were paddling down a local creek in a canoe when it began to storm. To avoid certain electrocution, we pulled our boats out of the water and sat on the creek-bank in the rain and waited for the storm to subside. It was then and there that my dear husband talked me into purchasing the home next to his family home place to live in, renovate it to our liking, and then ultimately use as a rental property once we started having children.

A month after we moved in, I found out I was pregnant.

We still had a ton of projects to complete and we were suddenly given our nine-month timeline.

We lived in that little white house with our little red-headed daughter until 2009. That was the year we left Georgia and made our move to Maine.

Fast-forward to 2017.

A year ago, we moved back to Georgia from Maine… and back into that little white house. The house was still the same little project/rental house, only our family had grown. Since our departure nearly seven years ago we’ve added a little boy and a dog and the walls just aren’t big enough for all of us. We moved back in with the understanding that this little white house was our ticket back home. Our temporary home once again until we could figure out where to land.

As it turns out, our next home wasn’t that far away at all.

It was right next door.

We have purchased the home that my husband and his brother and sisters grew up in.

It is nearly 3,800 square feet of work to be done.

There isn’t a single room that doesn’t need something done to it.

At its core, the home is over 100 years ago. The upstairs and part of the downstairs were added and renovated in the 1980’s, which means the removal of shaggy carpet and wood paneling. Walls need to be moved and rooms created. The foundation needs to be repaired. There is no heating and air system and there is a ton of plumbing and electrical work to be done.

It will be a mammoth job and we will be doing most of the work ourselves. 

We are nervous but we are so excited to be bringing this house back to life again. It will be wonderful to make happy memories with our family within those walls.

So sit back and follow us along the way.

It’s going to be messy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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