In the years I’ve known my husband, I have learned a number of unique phrases and terms that he uses to describe various people, situations, and circumstances.  Some topics are suitable for this forum and some are best discussed in appropriate company, but if you know my husband, he has a way – all his own – of telling a story and making a point.

One particular phrase that I have gleaned from him is actually a term that he learned from his father and with my agricultural background I can truly relate to:  “Winter Farming”.  In the definition given to me by Hubby, a “winter farmer” makes plans all winter long about what a fantastic garden he or she will have when the weather gets nice and then, when the time comes, does little or nothing to achieve their plans.

I have been guilty of “winter farming” from time to time in my life. Up until about 2 years ago as a “marketing professional” that was a part of the fabric of my job description.  Planning, dreaming, and – depending on funding  or timing or some other positive circumstance, doing.  There was often a lot of brainstorming ideas and most of the time the ideas either fizzled out, stayed on a “maybe one day” list, or puttered slowly to life.  Occasionally the right pieces would fall into place and quickly take off for great success.  What I did learn from the experiences in the workplace – is that I can be my biggest stumbling block or hindrance to taking the next step… hence, the “winter farmer”.

This also applies to dieting and exercise, or the lack thereof.  If only I could get into shape just by watching the exercise video or thinking of the miles I would run if I could just get started – or paying for a gym membership that I never took full advantage of.  I always have great plans during the winter months of getting into shape during the winter and when the spring finally comes, emerging from my bulky sweaters and sweatpants a smaller, more fit version of me. This year is the first time that has ever happened for me and I attribute that to chasing my (almost) 30 pound toddler around the house and shouting, “No!” as I pull him from whatever he has been climbing.  Trust me, there isn’t a video for that kind of exercise, but it does work…(and is extremely rewarding!).

One of the main areas I have been guilty of “winter farming” is in the area of my home and finances.  I have made so many plans on how to get organized in the home and bought binders and designed spreadsheets and templates for everything from cleaning house to managing schedules and they are seldom implemented.  Up until this last year I was careless with my personal finances and not working as a team with my husband.  I was not controlling my home and money but letting circumstances and time control me.  I am finally working with my husband on this and as a team we are tackling this area and slowly beginning to see the first little buds of our “harvest”.  It is so much easier to “farm” with someone that shares the same goals and dreams.

I know that when I started this post, I had a point to make.  Oh yeah… no more “winter farming” for me.  Both metaphorically and literally speaking, I am more than ready to dig in the soil, get my hands dirty, and watch the ground come to life. I plan on planting squash, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, daffodils, peonies, hope, love, happiness, joy, creativity… and anything else that may grow as a result.

Now, I just have to wait for the snow to melt…

Anything to add?


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