This is the third installment of Kid Quotes.  This week, I’m shaking things up a bit by sharing a couple of funnies that I’ve heard from friends during the week.  You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Stick Figure Family

Stick Figure FamilyWe’ve all seen them: the stick family decals on the back of cars.  Like any fad, they were cute at first and now, meh.

This is a story told by the mom of two (with one on the way):

Yesterday we were driving behind a van with those stick people family stickers on it and my 5-year-old son said, “I want to get stickers like that for our van: a mom and a dad and six girls and six boys and a dog.” I pointed out that it was highly unlikely that our family would ever have that many kids, and he said, “I know, I just want to confuse people.” 

Where is Skittles?Where is Skittles?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced their latest additions to the Facebook world: 3 goldfish. The kids were so excited to each have their own fish.

Well, fast forward a few weeks to the latest update from the Mom:

Just as I suspected!  It’s been a week now and the kids haven’t noticed that there are only two fish in the tank rather than three (Skittles passed away shortly after we bought her).  Boy, they were forgotten fast!

Proof to you parents out there that pets are fun for the kids and all, but we’ll be the ones taking care of them!

My Messy Kids

My kids have been pretty tame this week.  You’ve heard about the bombshell question from my daughter this week about the word sexy, but what I didn’t tell you is what my son was doing that same night.

He is in a fun stage where he makes up words to be silly.  He loves to be silly.  All the time.  Sometimes he just repeats these made up words and sometimes he just picks a word that is a real word and adds it to the end of every sentence that he said.

The same day that CurlyQ was asking me all about what sexy meant, Little Man was running around ending each sentence with the word… penis.  I am not joking.  We don’t give body parts nicknames to be cute in order to avoid the “real” names, so that was his word of the day.  Imagine every single sentence, ended with that word.  That was my Monday night.  Everything else that they did during the week paled in comparison.  I’m still shaking my head.

Let’s Hear About Your Messes!

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