For the past few years I’ve been posting “isms” of my children to my Facebook friends.  This all started when we moved and I didn’t know a soul where we lived and I really didn’t have anyone else to share the silliness and cuteness with.  I’ve kept up with the cute things uttered by my offspring and decided this week that I would try and make it a weekly feature on my blog.  Kids really do say the darnedest things.  

One of my favorite made-up words is from my daughter when she was 3.  She asked me to “quit naggrivating her”.  A perfect word for the moment, and one we still use in our house.

So without further adieu, I present to you our highlights from this week.  I did have to promise my daughter that I wouldn’t share anything truly embarrassing – so no child shaming will be done here.  Yet.

Conversations with Kids: Week 1

Chore Chart

Responsibility Chart. With Fines.

Worst Idea Ever: This week in our house, we instituted a new “Responsibility Chart” for each child.  We were noticing that both kids were slacking off a bit with things that they needed to do for themselves (and the fact that we don’t want to raise lazy kids) – so we thought a little weekly allowance would be good incentive.  Only I mixed it up a bit and added a spot for Fines – an effort to try and get our oldest to consider her actions a little bit more.  CurlyQ was all excited about earning a little cash for her chores, but when it came to a couple of small fines, she fell apart, claiming – in her words – that “this was the worst idea ever and now I’m going to end up giving you all of my money!”  Which accounts for the two fines that she has so far this week.  The next day, I came home to a clean room, folded towels, and she was shelling peas while enjoying her favorite shows and she has been a delight to be around.

The Cow Picture

The Cow Picture. It is still in my office.

The Cow Picture:  Little Man is finally at an age where he will sit down and focus on a project or book long enough to enjoy it to completion.  Most of the time.  He is in a great daycare and they are constantly doing creative art projects and finding ways for him to express his creativity.  Our fridge was getting pretty full, so I designated a wall in our dining room as the “art gallery” and created a place for both children to display their masterpieces.  Artwork is rotated each month and they are both proud to have their work on display in such a fun way.   Last week, Little Man brought home a series of “animal” artwork where they had taken his hand-print and created a number of animals each day.  We had a cow, horse, pig, etc.  And the “art wall” was getting pretty full.  I took his cow print, framed it, and placed it on display in my office at work.  Little Man noticed that his cow was missing from the wall, and asked where it was.  When I told him that I had taken it to work with me, he folded his hands across his chest and scolded me saying, “Mommy – I want you to bring back my cow tomorrow from your office.  I don’t want my cow in your office.  I want it on my wall.  Don’t take my cow to your office ever again.”   Woah.  Forgive me!  CurlyQ explained to him that without his artwork in my office, it would be “boring” and that his artwork cheered me up.  He doesn’t care.  For the last week, each day when he comes home and cleans out his backpack, he informs me that he does not want his artwork to go to my office.  Ever.  Again.

Other Funnies:

TMI: Little Man informed me when he was in the tub this week that he had found the only ball that I would allow him to play with in the house.  It is a part of his body that is attached to him.  He says that it doesn’t bounce and won’t break anything.  He doesn’t realize yet that there are two.  He will be thrilled when he makes that discovery.

CurlyQ was home with me one day when I came home for lunch.  I informed her that since I was on my lunch break and Little Man wasn’t home, we could have our lunch in the living room and watch a TV show of my choosing (we never eat in there and I never get to watch TV).  So we watched HGTV’s “House Hunters”.  She was really stressed out because the couple didn’t pick the house that she would have picked.  And she had pretty good reasons for it.  Then she asked me why we “never watch this show – it is so educational and keeps you interested until the very end.”  So does this mean I can watch a little more HGTV and a little less “Jessie“?

That’s all for this week.  I never know what my kids will say.  I would love to hear your “isms”, too.  Come on over to the GracefulMess Facebook page and share your sillies with us:

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