When starting this blog I had the best intentions of keeping it current, relevant, even fun.  Well, it has been awhile, so let me catch you up…

Summer in Maine is glorious – if you can handle the black flies and don’t mind dousing yourself with insect repellent each time you venture outside. It is incredible how such a tiny little insect can be so annoying!

Fall in Maine is spectacular.  The colors are vibrant and the air is crisp. We made a quick trip to Georgia for a couple of weeks and came back to the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen.  We also stepped up our efforts to find a home because we had no desire to live in a cold, drafty farmhouse during our first Maine winter.  In early November we bought a house.  It was #245 that we looked at and probably the 4th or 5th that we seriously considered.  In an effort to keep this blog upbeat, I will not go into the housing options available in this part of the world.  I will simply say that we found a nice, warm home that has been remodeled and is quite comfy for this stage in our life. Let me stress that the house is warm…

CurlyQ started school in the fall. She loves school. She would go on the weekends if they would let her.  She also started dance lessons – or “Creative Movement” as her class is called.  If you have ever seen 20 4-year-olds dance, it is an appropriate name for her class.  She loves it and that is what counts.

Winter in Maine seems to be never-ending.   We had our first snow the day after Thanksgiving and haven’t seen the ground since then.  It is March now.  As I write this, it is snowing.  On average we get about 6 inches of snow at a time and have gotten as much as 2 feet in one storm.  The snow itself isn’t that big of a deal.  The roads are always well plowed and we have had no issues getting around.  I’ve learned how to use the snowblower and actually enjoy getting out and doing the task.  We have a couple of sleds and have enjoyed playing when the temps are decent enough to do so… but I will tell you that it takes a couple of grown-ups to groom a sledding hill that has 3 feet of snow on it.  We are ready to see grass and green trees.  It doesn’t help that while the temps here are still hovering close to 0 our friends in the south have already enjoyed spring weather and temps around 80 with buds on the trees and daffodils blooming.   We have to wait until May for that…

Do we regret moving to Maine?  Absolutely not.  We miss our family and friends in Georgia in a way that we never imagined but as a family we are thriving.  This move has taken a good marriage and made it amazing.  It has taken us from a one child family to two and our kids are healthy and wonderful.  It has put everything of importance into perspective.  Hubby and I appreciate each other and our children in a way that we were too busy do to before.

Now the question remains… how long does it take for the 2-3 feet of snow in our yard to melt?  I’ll let you know when we see the grass!

Anything to add?


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