I haven’t written in several days.  There are many reasons for this… I have sat down to “blog” on more than one occasion and simply couldn’t think of anything clever to say. I have no idea who wants to read my rantings and ravings or even a recap of my day. I don’t want this to get too personal because who really wants to know the inner workings of my head? Who really wants to have true insight into what I am going through right now?

The past few days I have given thought to just how disconnected I feel from the world now that I have moved to Maine. As I have pondered this, I have thought about the things that keep us from picking up the phone and talking to a friend.  I talked to my dad the other day and he said that a friend of his told him that she believes that neighbors stopped talking to each other the day that air conditioning was invented.  Think about it and now think about how technology has done this to us as well.  I have most recently begun to base my perception of who my “true friends” are completely on whether or not they have called me or even simply emailed me since I left Georgia.  This is silly because I know I have wonderful friends that have done neither.  We “tweet” and text and comment on each other’s Facebook statuses, but are we really socializing???  How many times have I been guilty of checking up on a friend’s Facebook page to see what was going on in their life rather than simply calling up for a chat.  My reasoning? I don’t want to intrude or interrupt what is going on in their life.  I may call at a bad time. It might be inconvenient.  So it is easier to check up on them when it is convenient for me.

BUT… how does this really make us feel?  It makes us feel privy to information on what is going on in people’s lives that we hardly ever talk to. I currently have almost 600 friends on Facebook.  Do I want to talk to 600 people on the phone?  Probably not.  I guess it’s cool to know that someone I went to college with is eating Mexican tonight for dinner or that another friend’s son flushed their watch down the toilet, but does this meet our human need for interaction?  Does this really make me feel connected to another human being? Not exactly.

So that’s why I haven’t written in a few days.

I have been trying to focus on cultivating new friendships in a new town. I have been spending more time with my family and more time really talking with my husband.  I’ve been kicking the ball outside with my daughter and making silly faces with my 12 week old son. I have been trying to call friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile and actually hear what is going on in their life rather than just reading about it online.

I’m trying to be social.

I’m also trying to figure out why I am doing this blog.  Is it so that it can serve as a tool for communicating with friends and family back home what is going on in our lives?  I think I just answered that question with this post.  I will be posting quirky things about our life here in Maine, but if you want to hear what we are up to, pick up the phone and give us a call.  My number hasn’t changed!!

OK… I have to run now.  I need to go post this to my Facebook page so someone might actually read my rant…

Anything to add?


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