Now that we have been in Maine for just over 5 weeks things are finally starting to feel “normal” I guess.  Everyday is still an adventure – but I am sure it will be that way for awhile.  We are still moving boxes around and unpacking now that we have some space cleared out.  The house we are renting is FULL of our landlord’s furniture and his parents belongings.  He told me that the house was furnished but wow.  The drawers were even full of things!  One drawer contained a gold Buddha coin bank that my daughter thinks is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen… that being said, there are all sorts of oddities that we have cleaned out and placed in a storage room so that we can actually live here and not out of a box or suitcase.  

I still can’t believe we have so much junk of our own and I am determined not to keep it when we move again.  This calls for a YARD SALE.   I have never actually had a yard sale because of how far into the sticks we lived when we were in Georgia, but there is a first time for everything.  Apparently with the lack of retail options in this part of Maine yard sales are very popular.  I hope someone will buy our junk…I really want to get rid of the clutter.  I also hope this can be a positive experience for my daughter.  Her hoarding tendencies are starting to become obvious and I see this as an opportunity to teach her a few life lessons before her problem gets out of control.  Just how many stuffed animals does a little girl need??  Why must she save every piece of paper that she has colored on??  I have always been sentimental and nostalgic but moving has taught me that I don’t need half of this stuff!!  I also don’t need half of these clothes!!!  So if you are in the area in a few weeks, stop by my yard sale… and let our junk become yours!  We have the most well-traveled junk in this part of the country…

Anything to add?


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