The worst Easter basket ever

I really needed a chuckle this afternoon and found some comic relief in a small text exchange between a couple of friends. One of our friends has been home sick with the flu and apparently had a little down time on her hands, so naturally that led to some scrolling...

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What if you live?

"If you were to die today, are you certain of your salvation? Do you know for sure that you’d go to heaven?” That question and many variations of it have been uttered throughout my life in church services, at revival meetings, summer camp, and even at funerals I’ve...

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The Ugly Reality of Parenthood

"Mama, I hate it when your eyes look like that!" "Why are you making that face, Mama?" "Mama, why are you being so quiet??" "Daddy, where's Mama?" On any given day, I go through such a range of emotions when it comes to my children that it makes my head spin.  Love,...

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Let’s change the meaning of Pinktober!

It's early October and unless you are living under a rock you know that this kicks off a month-long awareness campaign for breast cancer. PINK, PINK EVERYWHERE! What was once a singular month of pink ribbons, walks, and fundraisers has turned into a full on media...

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While she sleeps

There is no moment more peaceful than a quiet one spent watching your child sleep. Eyelashes laying softly on their cheeks, complete tranquility radiating from their sweet face. As a first-time mother with a very restless baby girl I lived for those moments. I took...

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Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins

Hey y’all! I’m a working mom and I'm married to the love of my life. We’re raising two amazing kids and we have a dog, too. Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? Well, life gets messy sometimes, and I like to write about our victories and our messes along the way.

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